24th European Cosmic Ray Symposium

September 1 - 5, 2014

Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germany


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Abunina, Maria; Belov, Anatoly; Abunin, Artem; Eroshenko, Evgeniya; Oleneva, Victorya; Yanke, VictorPhase distribution of the first harmonic of the cosmic ray anisotropy during the initial phase of Forbush effects
Alania, Michael; Modzelewska, Renata; Wawrzynczak, Anna; Sdobnov , V.E.; Kravtsova , M.V27-day variations of GCR intensity and anisotropy based on corrected and uncorrected for geomagnetic disturbances data of neutron monitors
Alania, Michael; Gil, AgnieszkaMaxwell induction equation and the 3-4 Carrington Rotation Period cycling of the 27-day variation of the galactic cosmic ray intensity
Alania, M.; Didebulidze, G.; Modzelewska, R.; Todua, M.; Wawrzynczak, A.Cloudless days and nights and 2D model of the galactic cosmic ray intensity variations
Aleksandrin, S.Yu.; Galper, A.M.; Koldashov, S.V.; Zharaspayev, T.R.Energy and time characteristics of high-energy electron bursts in near-Earth space
Allard, DenisThe transition from galactic to extragalactic cosmic-rays
Alves Batista, Rafael; Devriendt, Julien; Shin, Min-Su; Sigl, GuenterPropagation of UHECRs in Cosmic Magnetic Fields
Appel, JanKristof; Guo, Jingnan; Koehler, Jan; Wimmer-Schweingruber, Robert; Hassler, Don; Ehresmann, Bent; Zeitlin, Cary; Science Team, RADDetecting upward-directed charged particle fluxes in MSL/RAD
Artamonov, Anton; Kovaltsov, Gennady; Mishev, Alexander; Usoskin, IlyaThe neutron monitor network: A tool to detect solar neutrons
Arteaga-Velazquez, JuanCarlos; the HAWC Collaboration, All-sky observations with HAWC: latest results
Arteaga-Velazquez, JuanCarlos; the KASCADE-Grande Collaboration, Confronting EPOS-LHC predictions for the muon content of high-energy EAS with the KASCADE-Grande measurements
Bakaldin, Alexey; Galper, Arkady; Koldashov, Sergey; Voronov, SergeyEarth’s magnetic field as analyzer of the cosmic ray ions charge
Balabin, Yury; Vashenyuk, Eduard; Gvozdevsky, Boris; Germanenko, AlexeyUpgrading of Apatity Neutron Monitor
Balabin, Yury; Gvozdevsky, Boris; Germanenko, AlexeyMultiplicity with little M and seasonal variation
Balabin, Yury; Gvozdevsky, Boris; Germanenko, AlekseiFine structure of multiplicity in neutron monitor and differences between small and large multiplicities
Balabin, Yury; Belov, Anatoly; Gushchina, RaisaAnnual variation of cosmic rays in 24th solar cycle
Balabin, Yury; Germanenko, Alexey; Gvozdevsky, BorisGamma-ray increase, atmosphere conditions and secondary cosmic rays
Barbashina, Natalia; for, URAGAN TeaLocal anisotropy of muon flux during FD according to URAGAN data
Barrios-Marti, Javier; the ANTARES collaboration, Searches for Point-like sources using the ANTARES neutrino Telescope
Battiston, RobertoDM search with CR satellite
Bazilevskaya, Galina; Krainev , Mikhail; Makhmutov, Vladimir; Stozhkov, Yuri; Svirzhevskaya, Albina; Svirzhevsky, NikolaiCorrelation of the quasi-biennial variations in galactic cosmic rays and the solar activity indices
Becherini, YvonneActive Galactic Nuclei and IACTs
Belov, Anatoly; Abunin, Artem; Abunina, Maria; Eroshenko, Evgenia; Oleneva, Victoria; Yanke, Victor; Papaioannou, Athanasios; Mavromichalaki, HelenModeling of the galactic cosmic ray density variations in the magnetic clouds.
Benyamin, David; J. Shaviv, Nir; Piran, Tsvi; Nakar, EhudSecondary to Primary Ratios of Nuclei Below z=30 n a Dynamic Spiral-Armed Cosmic Ray Model
Bergstrom, LarsWIMP Dark Matter - overview
Blanco, JuanJos'e; Medina, Jos'e; Garc\'ia, Oscar; G\'omez-Herrero, Raul; Garc\'ia, Ignacio; Catal\'an, Edwin; Ayuso, SindulfoCaLMa Neutron Monitor: current status and future improvements
Blanco, Juan Jose; Hidalgo, Miguel AngMagnetic cloud properties as observed by Helios mission
Boezio, Mirko AMS and Pamela: spectra and composition of cosmic rays below the knee
Bongi, Massimo; on behalf of the LHCf collaboration, Results from the LHCf experiment
Boschini, Matteo; Della Torre, Stefano; Gervasi, Massimo; Grandi, Davide; La Vacca, Giuseppe; Rancoita, Pier Giorg; Rozza, Davide; Tacconi, MauroStatistical limits on isotropic CR distributions with a space detector
Boschini, Matteo; Della Torre, Stefano; Gervasi, Massimo; Grandi , Davide; La Vacca, Giuseppe; Rancoita, Pier Giorg; Rozza, Davide; Tacconi, MauroTreatment of maximum solar Activity with HelMod Propagation Model
Budnev, NikolayThe Tunka experiment: from cosmic ray to gamma-ray astronomy
Buetikofer, Rolf; Flueckiger, ErwinWhat are the causes for the spread of GLE parameters deduced from NM data?
Buitink, Stijn; the LOFAR collaboration, Cosmic ray mass composition measurements with LOFAR
B\"orner, Mathis; Scheriau, FlorianMethods for the model independent analysis of the Muon Neutrino Energy Spectrum within IceCube
Catal\'an, EdwinJ.; Blanco, JuanJos'e; Medina, Jos'e; G\'omez-Herrero, Ra'ul; Garc\'ia, Oscar; Garc\'ia, IgnacioGround level enhancements and their solar counterpart
Chiavassa, AndreaThe Knee and beyond: Results from KASCADE-Grande, IceTop and Tunka
Clay, Roger; Wild, Neville; Van Bodegom, Patrick; Budd, Kerri; Maghrabi, AbdullrahmH.E.A.M.S., the Adelaide High Energy Astrophysics Muon System.
Conceicao, Ruben; Andringa, Sofia; Diogo, Francisco; Pimenta, MarioThe average longitudinal shower profile: exploring the shape information
Coniglione, RosaThe KM3NeT project
Crosby, Norma B.Health Issues and Space Weather
Dalla, Silvia; Marsh, Micheal; Laitinen, TimoDrift induced deceleration of Solar Energetic Particles
Daniel, Bruno; Pierre Auger Collaboration, Current status of the AMIGA extension of the Pierre Auger Observatory
De Mitri, Ivan; on behalf of , Argo-ybjMeasurement of the all-particle and light-component energy spectra with ARGO-YBJ
Desiati, PaoloThe Astrophysics of Cosmic Ray Anisotropy: a Review.
Desiati, PaoloThe Astrophysics of Cosmic Ray Anisotropy: a Review
Di Sciascio, GiuseppeRecent highlights from ARGO-YBJ
Dmitrieva, Anna; for, URAGANTeamTemperature effect correction for URAGAN based on CAO, GDAS, NOAA data
Dorosti Hasankiadeh, Qader; for the Pierre Auger Collaboration, N.N.Radio detection of air showers at the Pierre Auger Observatory
Dresing, Nina; G\'omez-Herrero, Ra'ul; Klassen, Andreas; Heber, Bernd; Malandraki, Olga; Dr\"oge, Wolfgang; Kartavykh, YuliaAnisotropy observations of wide-spread solar energetic electron events with STEREO and ACE
Dumbovic, Mateja; Vrsnak, BojanForbush decrease prediction based on the remote solar observations
Dzhatdoev, TimurThe cascade model of the VHE anomaly in AGN spectra
Dzhatdoev, Timur; Antonov, RemA.; Aulova, TatianaV.; Bonvech, ElenaA.; Chernov, DmitryV.; Galkin, VladimirI.; Podgrudkov, DmitryA.; Roganova, TatianaM.Event-by-event study of CR composition with reflected Cherenkov light
D\"obrich, BabetteSearches for ultralight Dark Matter -- axions and the like
Eger, PeterSupernova Remnants and Pulsar Wind Nebulae with IACTs
Ehresmann, Bent; Hassler, Don; Zeitlin, Cary; Koehler, Jan; Wimmer-Schweingruber, R.F.; Brinza, D.E.; Reitz, Guenther; MSL/RAD science team, theRADIATION MEASUREMENTS DURING THE CRUISE TO AND ON THE SURFACE OF MARS WITH MSL/RAD
Elftmann, Robert; Tammen, Jan; Kulkarni, Shrinivasr; Martin, Cesar; B, Stephan; Wimmer-Schweingruber, RobertCharacterization of an LSO scintillator for space applications
Epimakhov, SergeyEnergy determination with the HiSCORE-9 array
Erlykin, Anatoly; Sloan, Terry; Wolfendale, ArnoldSolar effects on Galactic Cosmic Rays and Terrestrial temperatures
Erlykin, Anatoly; Wolfendale , ArnoldVela as the source of cosmic rays responsible for the formation of the knee
Falk, StefanieAtmospheric Influence on Space-Based Observation of High-Energy Cosmic Rays
Fichtner, HorstVoyager Results from the Heliopause and Their Implications for Cosmic Ray Transport
Fleischhack, HenrikeA template method for measuring the iron spectrum in cosmic rays with Cherenkov telescopes
Fukushima, M.Observation of UHECRs in the next decade.
Garc\'ia-Tejedor, J.Ignacio; Blanco, Juanjo; Garc\'ia-Poblaci\'on, 'Oscar; Medina, Jos'eCaLMa simultaneous Muon Telescope and Neutron Monitor proposal
Garc\'{i}a-Poblaci\'{o}n, '{O}scar; Ivanov Ivanov, Hristo; Garc\'{i}a-Tejedor, J.Ignacio; Medina, Jos'{e}; Blanco, JuanjosenmPanel: a tool for controlling Neutron Monitor operation and maintenance
Garzon, JuanA.; Kornakov, GeorgyAnalysis of Cosmic Rays with the HADES tRPC wall
Garzon, JuanA.Tragaldabas: a new high resolution detector for the regular study of Cosmic Rays
Gerasimova, Sardaana; Krymsky, Germogen; Gololobov, Petr; Krivoshapkin, ProkopiiTensor anisotropy of cosmic rays
Gieseler, Jan; De Simone, Nicola; Di Felice, Valeria; Heber, Bernd; Martucci, Matteo; Potgieter, Marius; Vos, EtienneSpatial gradients of low-GeV GCR protons and alpha particles in the inner heliosphere obtained from PAMELA and Ulysses observations
Giglietto, NicolaFermi observations of long duration gamma ray flares from the Sun
Gil, Agnieszka; Alania, MichaelSpatial topological structure of magnetic field lines creating during alpha-omega transformation in the quasi- periodic variations of galactic cosmic rays
Gleixner, AndreasIndirect Search for Dark Matter with the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope
G\'omez-Herrero, Ra'ul; Dresing, Nina; Klassen, Andreas; Heber, Bernd; Lario, David; \'Agueda, Neus; Malandraki, Olga; Rodr\'iguez-Pacheco, JavierThe longitudinal distribution of solar energetic particles
Hasebe, Nobuyuki; Kusano, Hiroki; Nagaoka, Hiroshi; Shibamura, Eido; Mitsuhashi, Rei; Matias-Lopes, Jos'e A.Lunar Gamma-Rays and Neutrons Measured by Kaguya Gamma-ray Spectrometer
Haungs, Andreas; JEM-EUSO , CollaboratPhysics Goals and Status of JEM-EUSO and its Test Experiments
Haungs, Andreas; Bl"umer, Johannes; Fuchs, Benjamin; Kang, Donghwa; Schoo, Sven; Wochele, Doris; Wochele, J"urgenThe KASCADE Cosmic-ray Data Centre KCDC
Heber, Bernd; Mini-NMD, TeamNeutron monitor measurements on the German research vessel Polarstern - First results
Heber, B.; Herbst, K.; Wallmann, C.; Dumbovic, M.; Vrsnak, B.; Moestl, C.; Veronig, A.; Dalla, S.Forbush decreases associated to Stealth CME
Herbst, Konstantin; Beer, J"urg; Heber, Bernd; Tylka, Allan J.; Dietrich, William F.Influence of Ground Level Enhancements on the Terrestrial Production of $^{10}$Be, $^{14}$C and $^{36}$Cl
Herbst, Konstantin; Heber, BerndMagnetopause and Bow Shock Crossings: What can be learned from CHANDRA measurements
Hidalgo Moreno, Miguel Ang; Blanco Avalos, Juan Jose; Fernandez Toledano , RafaelMagnetic clouds disturbances on solar energetic particles spectra
Hiller, Roman; , theTunka-RThe Amplitude Calibration of the Tunka Radio Extension (Tunka-Rex)
Hudson, HughExtreme Solar Events in an Historical Perspective
H\"orandel, J"org; key science project Cosmic Rays, LOFARA new way of air shower detection: measuring the properties of cosmic rays with LOFAR
Iskra, Krzysztof; Siluszyk, Marek; Alania, MichaelRigidity spectrum of the long-period variations of the galactic cosmic ray intensity in different epochs of solar activity
Jokovic, Dejan; Maletic, Dimitrije; Savic, Mihailo; Veselinovic, Nikola; Banjanac, Radomir; Udovicic, Vladimir; Dragic, AleksandarPressure and temperature correction of atmospheric muon data
Kachelriess, Michael; Semikoz, Dmitri; Giacinti, GwenaelExplaining the knee by Cosmic Ray Escape from the Galaxy
Kachelriess, MichaelInterpretations of the IceCube excess
Kanekal, SriParticles in the magnetosphere
Kanekal, S.G.; Baker, D.N.; Blake, J.B.; Fennell, J.F.; Reeves, G.D.; Spence, H.E.Charged particles in the Earth's magnetosphere: Recent results from the ECT instrument suite onboard the Van Allen Probes mission
Kang, Donghwa; KASCADE-Grande, CollaboratA limit on the diffuse gamma-ray flux measured with KASCADE-Grande
Karelin, AlexanderThe high energy electron spectrum measurements with the PAMELA calorimeter
Kecskemety, Karoly; Daibog, Elena; Kudela, Karel; Logachev, YuriiPeriodic variations of Jovian electron fluxes at SOHO and STEREO
Kecskemety, Karoly; Zeldovich, Mariya; Logachev, YuriiQuiet-time suprathermal ion abundances in slow and fast solar wind
Keilhauer, Bianca; Fraga, Margarida; Tsunesada, Yoshiki; Ulrich, AndreasA description of the fluorescence emission in air induced by extensive air showers
Khaerdinov, Mikhail; Khaerdinov, Nail; Lidvansky, Alexander; Kanonidi, KonstantinCorrelations of cosmic ray particle events during thunderstorms with geomagnetic pulsations
Khokhlov, Semen; for, NEVOD-DECOInvestigation of cascade showers in Cherenkov water detector NEVOD
Kindin, Victor; for, NEVOD-DECOQuasispherical module of Cherenkov water detector NEVOD
Klassen, Andreas; Dresing, Nina; Heber, Bernd; Gomez-Herrero, RaulSTEREO observations of SEP events during approaching superior conjunction
Klein, Karl-Ludwi; Trottet, G'erard; Samwel , SusanStatistical relationships between SEPs, flares and CMEs: a re-assessment
Knurenko, Stanislav; Petrov, IgorMass Composition of Cosmic Rays at Ultra High Energies by Yakutsk Data
Knurenko, Stanislav; Egorov, Yuri; Petrov, IgorOptic Detectors Calibration for Measuring Ultra High Energy Extensive Air Showers Cherenkov Radiation by 532 nm Laser
Knurenko, Stanislav; Petrov, IgorAtmospheric Circulation Influence During Winter on Measurements at Yakutsk Array
Kocharov, Leon; Laitinen, Timo; Vainio, RamiSemi-transparent shock model for gradual solar energetic particle events
Koehler, Jan; Zeitlin, Cary; Ehresmann, Bent; Wimmer-Schweingruber, Robert; Hassler, Don; MSL/RAD , Science TeMeasurements of the Charged and Neutral Particle Spectra on the Martian Surface with MSL/RAD
Kokoulin, R.P.; Bogdanov , A.G.; Dushkin, L.I.; for, NEVOD-DECOMeasurements of the energy deposit of inclined muon bundles in CWD NEVOD
Koldobskiy, SergeyDeuteron and proton spectra measurements under radiation belt with PAMELA instrument
Kostunin, DmitriyThe Tunka Radio Extension: latest analysis results
Kowalski, MarekStatus of High-Energy Neutrino Astronomy
Kowalski, Marektatus of High-Energy Neutrino Astronomy
Kozhin, Vladimir; Skurikhin, Alexander; Korosteleva, ElenaDAQ and synchronization system for Tunka-HiSCORE array on the base of DRS-4
Krainev, MikhailOn the method of the GCR partial intensities related to the main physical processes
Krainev, Mikhail; Bazilevskaya, Galina; Kalinin, Mikhail; Svirzhevskaya, Albina; Svirzhevsky, NikolayOn the GCR intensity and SW and HMF characteristics in and outside the HMF sector structure zone
Krupp, NorbertJUICE: Europe's mission to Jupiter
Kryakunova, Olga; Belov, Anatoliy; Eroshenko, Evgeniya; Nikolayevskiy, Nikolay; Malimbayev, Andrey; Tsepakina, Irina; Yanke, ViktorPossible ground level enhancements at the beginning of the maximum of Solar Cycle 24
Kryakunova, Olga; Belov, Anatoliy; Abunin, Artem; Abunina, Maria; Eroshenko, Evgenia; Malimbayev, Andrey; Tsepakina, Irina; Nikolayevskiy, NikolaySporadic and recurrent Forbush-effects in deep solar minimum
Kuehl, Patrick; Banjac, Sasha; Heber, Bernd; Labrenz, Johannes; Terasa, ChristophExtended Measurement Capabilities of the Electron Proton Helium INstrument aboard SOHO - Energy Spectra up to 1 GeV and Anisotropies during GLE 71
Kulkarni, S.R.; Tammen, J; Boden, S; Steinhagen, J; Martin, C; Wimmer-Schweingruber, R. F.; Boettcher, S. I.; Rodriguez-Pacheco, JElectron-Proton and High Energy Telescopes of EPD for Solar Orbiter
Kunnas, MaikeSimulation of the Tunka Area International Gamma-ray Advanced experiment (TAIGA)
Laurenza, Monica; Consolini, Giuseppe; Storini, Marisa; Damiani, AlessandroTemporal evolution of energy spectra during SEP events
Lidvansky , Alexander; Khaerdinov, Mikhail; Kherdinov, NailData on cosmic ray variations during thunderstorms: Indication to existence of a slow large-scale atmospheric discharge
Lipari, PaoloUnderstanding high energy neutrinos
Lukovnikova, AnnaModern status of cosmic ray stations ISTP SB RAS
Maghrabi, A; Alghamdi, A; Al oataibi , R; Almotery, M; Garawi, MPreliminary Results from A Small Cosmic Ray Detector
Maghrabi, A; Alghamdi, A; Al oataibi, R; Almotery, M; Garawi, MThe Temperature Effect on Cosmic-Ray Intensity as observed at Mid latitude City
Maier, GernotDM searches with gamma rays from ground ground and space
Makhmutov, Vladimir; Bazilevskaya, Galina; Stozhkov, Yuri; Raulin, Jean-Pierr; Philippov, MaximAnalysis of the cosmic ray variations and solar flare activity in October-November 2013
Malakhov, Vitaly; Koldashov, Sergey; Mayorov, Andrey; Mayorova, Marina; Mikhailov, Vladimir; Aleksandrin, Sergey; Sharonova, Nadezhda; Batischev, AlexeyDYNAMICS OF LOWER BOUNDARY OF PROTON RADIATION BELT WITH PAMELA AND ARINA EXPERIMENTS DURING 2006 – 2014 YEAR.
Marquardt, Johannes; Heber, Bernd; K\"ohler, Jan; Wimmer-Schweingruber, RobertGEANT 4 simulation of the Helios cosmic ray telescope E6
Mavromichalaki, H.; Gerontidou, M.; Paschalis, P.; Papaioannou, A.; Paouris, V.; Souvatzoglou, G.Recent Research Applications at the Athens Neutron Monitor Station
Menn, Wolfgang; Bogomolov, Edward; Krutkov, Sergey; Vasilyev, Gennady; Formato, Valerio; Nikonov, NikolayH, He, Li and Be Isotopes in the PAMELA-Experiment
Mikhailov, Vladimir; Campana, Donatella; Panico, Beatrice; Malakhov, Vitaly; Mocchiutti, EmilianoSearch for a positron anisotropy with PAMELA experiment
Miroshnichenko, LeontyOccurrence rate of SEP events: Recent progress and some constraints
Mishev, Alexander; Usoskin, Ilya; Kovaltsov, GennadyNeutron Monitor Yield Functions: Revisited approach
Modzelewska, Renata; Alania, Michael27-day variation of the 3D anisotropy of cosmic rays: 1965-2013
Mori, NicolaPAMELA measurements of the boron and carbon spectra
Munini, RiccardoSolar modulation of GCR electrons over the 23rd solar minimum with PAMELA
Nierstenhoefer, Nils; Graeser, Philipp ; Schuppan, Florian; Tjus, JuliaGalactic Propagation of Cosmic Rays from Individual Supernova Remnants
Nierstenhoefer, Nils; Graeser, Philipp; Schuppan, Florian; Tjus, JuliaGalactic Propagation of Cosmic Rays from Individual Supernova Remnants
Nierstenhoefer, Nils; Graeser, Philipp; Schuppan, Florian; Tjus, JuliaGalactic Propagation of Cosmic Rays from Individual Supernova Remnants
Ol\'ah, L'aszl'o; Barnaf\"oldi, Gergely G'; Hamar, GergH o; Melegh, Hunor Gerg; Sur\'anyi, Gergely; Varga, DezsH oClose cathode chamber technology for cosmic particle tracking
Panasyuk, MikhailAir shower observations from space with TUS/JEM-EUSO/KLYPVE
Paouris, Evangelos; Mavromichalaki, Helen; Belov, Anatoly; Eroshenko, Eugenia; Gushchina, RaisaThe Solar Polar Field on the cosmic-ray intensity modulation
Papaioannou, A.; Anastasiadis, A; Sandberg, I.; Georgoulis, M.K.; Tsiropoula, G.; Tziotziou, K.; Jiggens, P.A Novel Forecasting System for Solar Particle Events and Flares (FORSPEF)
Papini, Paolo; Spillantini, piero‘A multi-telescope magnetic facility in space’ with large acceptance and high MDR
Parnahaj, Igor; Bobik, Pavol; Kudela, KarelMagnetospheric transmissivity for cosmic rays during selected recent events with interplanetary/geomagnetic disturbances
Petrov, Igor; Knurenko, StanislavRadio Signal Correlation at 32 MHz With Extensive Air Showers Parameters
Petrukhin, AnatolyAre the primary cosmic ray and EAS spectra the same or not?
Petukhova, Anastasia; Petukhov, StanislavThe Efficiency of Surfing Acceleration of Charged Particles under Space Conditions
Philippov, Maxim; Maksumov, Osman; Viktorov, Sergey; Stozhkov, Yuri; Kvashnin, Alexander ; Kvashnin, Alexander ; Makhmutov, VladimirDevelopment of the ground-based compact neutron detector
Plainaki, C.; Laurenza, M.; Mavromichalaki, H.; and the GLE-modeling-team, ~The importance of ground-based data in deriving the properties of relativistic SEPs
Porelli, Andrea; Wischnewski, RalfTiming calibration and directional reconstruction for Tunka-HiSCORE
Posner, Arik; Zeitlin, Cary; Heber, Bernd; Wimmer-Schweingruber, Robert; Zheng, Yihua; Lohf, Henning; Odstrcil, Dusan; Rastaetter, LutzA Mars Year of Forbush Decreases on the Martian Surface
Protopopov, Grigory; Anashin, Vasily; Kozyukova, Olga; Sitnikova, NinelSolar particle events contribution in the space radiation exposure on electronic equipments
Ptuskin, VladimirThe knee and beyond: a theorist’s view
Ptuskin, Vladimir; Zirakashvili, Vladimir; Seo, Eun-SukInterpretation of Voyager 1 data on low energy cosmic rays in galactic wind model
Ptuskin, Vladimir; Rogovaya, Svetlana; Zirakashvili, VladimirOn the determination of source spectrum of ultra high energy cosmic rays
Ptuskin Vladimir, ; Rogovaya Svetlana, ; Zirakashvili Vladimir, On the determination of source spectrum of ultra high energy cosmic rays
Rettig, RobertUnderstanding the anisotropy of cosmic rays in the TeV-PeV energy range
Rettig, R.Understanding the anisotropy of cosmic rays in the TeV-PeV energy range
Ricciarini, Sergio BruThe CALET experiment for high-energy astroparticle physics on the ISS.
Rodriguez-Pacheco, Javier; Wimmer-Schweingruber, RobertSolar Orbiter and its energetic particle instrumentation: EPD
Rozanov, EugeneClimate-related effects of cosmic rays
Russu, Andres; Gomez-Herrero, Raul; Rodriguez-Pacheco, Javier; Prieto, ManuelA year of operation of Melibea e-Callisto Solar Radio Telescope
Scharrenberg, Enno; Burmeister, S"onke; Heber, Bernd; Mares, Vladimir; Marquardt, Johannes; R\"uhm, WernerLong-term measurements with the Phoswich Instrument for Neutrons and Gammas - Secondary Neutrons and the variation of terrestrial radiation
Schatz, GerdNeutrinos from SN 1987a
Scherer, K.; Ferreira, S.E.S.; van der Schyff, Augusts; Strauss, DuToitCosmic rays in astrospheres
Scheriau, Florian; B\"orner, MathisMeasurement of the Muon Neutrino Spectrum with IceCube
Schoo, Sven; KASCADE-Grande, CollaboratThe spectrum of cosmic rays in the energy range of $10^{14} $ - $ 10^{18} \, \mathrm{eV}$
Schr\"oder, Frank; the LOPES Collaboration, Results of LOPES on the Radio Detection of Air Showers
Siluszyk, Marek; Iskra, Krzysztof; Alania, MichaelOn relation of the long period variations of galactic cosmic ray intensity interplanetary magnetic field turbulence
Sinitsyna, Vera Georg; Sinitsyna, Vera YurieVery high energy gamma-emission of Perseus Cluster
Sinitsyna, VeraYuriev; Sinitsyna, Vera GeorgLong-term studies of the Cygnus Region and its objects
Sinitsyna, Vera G.; Alaverdyan, Artur Yu.; Borisov, Sergey S.; Klimov, Anatolii I; Moseiko, Nikolai I.; Palamarchuk, Arkadii I.; Sinitsyna, Vera Y.; Volokh, Igor G.SHALON observations of Active Galactic Nuclei at red shift from z=0.0179 to z=1.375
Sorokin , Vadim; Safronov , Igor; Stozhkov, YuriEstimations of cosmic ray drift fluxes in galactic cosmic rays
Spanier, Felix; Ivascenko, Alex; Schreiner, CedricCharged particle transport in realistic turbulence
Spiering, ChristianThe Global Neutrino Network
Spiering, ChristianThe GVD neutrino project in Lake Baikal
Sreckovic, Vladimir; Jokovic, Dejan; Sulic, Desanka; Maletic, Dimitrije; Savic, Mihailo; Nina, Aleksandra; Banjanac, Radomir; Mihajlov, AnatolijComparative study of solar events with ground based CR and VLF stations
Stanca, Denis; for the WILLI-EAS Team, First experimental results of WILLI-EAS detection system
Storini, Marisa; Signoretti, Fabrizio; Re, Francesco; Marcucci, MariaFeder; Laurenza, Monica; Parisi, MarioCosmic ray intensity for about five solar cycles
Stozhkov, Yuri; Svirzhevsky, Nikolai; Bazilevskaya, Galina; Makhmutov, Vladimir; Krainev, Miklhail; Svirzhevskaya, Albina; Logachev, ValeryLong-term observations of cosmic rays in the Earth’s atmosphere
Stozhkov, Yuri; Kvashnin, Alexander; Pamela collaboration, PamelaSpectra of electrons, protons and alfa-particles according to measurements from the Pamela spectrometer
Struminsky, AlexeiObservations of High Energy Solar Gamma and X-ray Emission and Solar Energetic Particles Events
Surdo, AntonioStudy of extensive air shower structure around the axis with ARGO-YBJ
S\'anchez Losa, Agust'in; the ANTARES collaboration, Last results of the ANTARES neutrino telescope
Thomson, GordonResults from the Telescope Array Experiment
Thoudam, Satyendra; Hoerandel, JoergCosmic-ray spectral anomaly at GeV-TeV energies
Tluczykont, MartinTowards gamma-ray astronomy with timing-arrays
Uchaikin, Vladimir; Sibatov, RenatCompound model of CR-diffusion: a fractional approach
Ulrich, Ralf; Engel, RalphLHC data and forward physics at high energies
Usoskin, Ilya G.; Kovaltsov, Gennady A.How severe can be solar particle events: Assessment from cosmogenic radionuclides in lunar rocks
Vainio, RamiSolar energetic particles from the corona into the heliosphere
Vali\~{n}o, In'{e}s; for the Pierre Auger Collaboration, ,Measurements of the muon content of air showers at the Pierre Auger Observatory
Veselinovic, Nikola; Dragic, Aleksandar; Maletic, Dimitrije; Jokovic, Dejan; Savic, Mihailo; Banjanac, Radomir; Udovicic, Vladimir; Anicin, IvanMuon measurements at Belgrade shallow underground laboratory
Visser, ErwinDiffuse flux results from the Antares neutrino telescope
Vogt, Adrian; Fichtner, Horst; Heber, Bernd; Kleimann, Jens; Kopp, Andreas; Potgieter, Marius; Sternal, Oliver; Wiengarten, TobiasModulation of Jovian MeV-electrons by Coroating Interaction Regions
Volkov, Nikolay; Lagutin, Anatoly; Tyumentsev, AlexanderSpectrum and fraction of cosmic ray positrons: results of the anomalous diffusion approach
Volkov, Nikolay; Lagutin, Anatoly; Tyumentsev, AlexanderSpectra of protons and nuclei in the energy range $10^{10}\div 10^{20}$ eV in framework of the galactic cosmic ray origin
Wawrzynczak, Anna; Alania, MichaelThe connection of the interplanetary magnetic field turbulence and rigidity spectrum of Forbush decrease of the galactic cosmic ray intensity
Wawrzynczak, Anna; Modzelewska, Renata; Gil, AgnieszkaA stochastic method of solution of the Parker transport equation
Yashin, Igor; for , URAGAN TeaReal-time data of muon hodoscope URAGAN
Yashin, Igor; for, NEVOD-DECOEAS array of the NEVOD Experimental Complex
Zadeba, Egor; for, TREKTeamLarge-scale drift chamber detector for registration of near-horizontal muons
Zas, EnriqueBeyond the Galaxy: UHECR results from the Pierre Auger Observatory and the Telescope Array
Zelina, Peter; Dalla, SilviaMulti--spacecraft observations of heavy--ion solar energetic particles