WP3: Data acquisition system

Main Objective
The main objective of WP3 must use the design output of WP2 in order to prepare technically all participating stations to send their data in an acceptable format and resolution to the central database. Moreover a common data format output should be defined in order to support database tasks. Each participant will receive essential help in order to prepare each individual system for these exact project purposes.) Secondary Objectives
Common use of data acquisition tools (hardware/software) for NM stations in order to improve supporting issues. Funding existing infrastructure in order to achieve reliability for project purposes. A Prototype Registration System that will meet specifications accepted by all participants. Plans for data acquisition Systems (WP3)
Gathering information about the participating NM Station status today. (NM Station Implementation (hardware - software), Local Network Infrastructure, Power Supply Systems Needs, etc (open suggestions?? ) Get the architectural design WP2 output Set Specification for a system compatible for Database Support existing infrastructure for becoming compatible with database needs (for example 1-min data, Corrected uncorrected etc.) Prototype System design that meets the following needs: a) database needs, b) local data archiving software, c) reliable, cheap, and modular software and hardware Prototype System implementation according to the requirements provided by WP3.

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